We are an ISO9001:2008 and AS9100 Rev. C Screw Machine Job Shop. We provide precision screw machine parts. Our customer base includes: aerospace, medical, defense, computer, dental, commercial, automotive, computer and telecommunications industries.  

Northwest Swiss is a precision machine shop. We specialize in Swiss-Type machined components ranging in diameter from .006” (0.25 mm) to 1.00” (26 mm), and maintaining tolerances to within plus or minus .0001” (.0025 mm).


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The Choice of Manufacturers’ Worldwide.
Located in Hayden, Idaho.

Northwest Swiss works with a variety of companies from small start-ups with low volume needs, to Fortune 500 companies with million piece orders. In this global marketplace, you need a supplier that can meet your total needs for quality, quantity, on-time order fulfillment, responsive service, and manufacturing support. Northwest Swiss is well suited to satisfy your needs for a large variety of Swiss precision machined components required for today and tomorrow’s products. 

Northwest Swiss is a different kind of Swiss screw machine job shop.

What makes Northwest Swiss different from most Swiss screw machine job shops? It’s our commitment to change. We’re constantly investing in new equipment, changing our procedures, training our employees, even refining processes for jobs that we have run for years.

Many of our employees have been trained in lean manufacturing concepts. Our shop floor is constantly being streamlined, cleaned, painted, and improved. We’ve taken a crowded, cluttered, oil-soaked machine shop, and turned it into a pleasant efficient work environment. Visitors often compliment us on the cleanliness and organization of our shop. Lean is a never-ending process.

Made in USA screw machine job shop.




Areas of Specialty:

  • Experience with High Performance Materials, Exotic Materials.
  • Expertise in supplying custom components for cockpit controls and instrumentation panels to r/c components and firing pins.
  • CNC Swiss Precision Machining.
  • Tornos Swiss Machining.
  • Engineering Support.
  • Plunge Grinding.
  • Microscope Deburring.
  • Quality Inspection.
  • Hand Deburring.
  • Quick Turn Prototypes.
  • Specialty Finishing.
  • Custom Parts / Complex Prototyping.
  • Prototypes Through Production Runs.
  • + Many More Value Added Services.


    • Aluminum.
    • Beryllium Copper.
    • Carbon Steel.
    • Copper Alloys, Brass, Bronze, Tellurium Copper.
    • Phosphor Bronze.
    • Plastics.
    • High temperature plastics: Ultem, Torlon.
    • Surgical Stainless Steel.
    • Titanium.
    • Exotic Alloys.
    • Bearing Steels (440C).
    • Implant Grade.
    • Nickel Silver.
    • Alloy 52.
    • Inconel.
    • Alumel.
    • Chromel.
    • Many Other Metals and plastics not listed.


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